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The Bastion
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Population: Light
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Arcayon, Aug 12, 12 10:14 PM.
I'll make this short. The game is dying. We picked up some new people and made some new officers to take command while the main group did an exodus and left the game. These people are still around in mumble all the time. First we are a guild, a community, and second we are a players of SWTOR. But the game is struggling. Maybe in the future it will make a come back, but I doubt it.

In the mean time. Check this website for information on how to play with us on Guild Wars 2. And other future games. Currently the games we play as a community are Smite (pst on mumble for beta key) and Dayz. Let us know on mumble if your interested. We can set you up with a group to play with.

The Bastion Goes BOOM!!

johnadonnell, Jun 14, 12 4:37 PM.
Here we were as a guild thinking we were hot sith on the server.  With the death of Crux and the lack luster guilds on the Imperial side, Sith Happens was the number one PVE and PVP server.  This of course took place on a low population server with jaded gamers clamoring for more people to pew pew with.  Well ask and you shall receive.  The announcement came out a few weeks ago that server transfers would be coming and we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.  We began to plan our exit from the Bastion and leave it to die a slow quiet death while we would make a huge PVP and PVE statement on our new server. We had to dominate wherever we went to let all the people know that Sith Happens is a guild to be respected.  Things did not quite go that way when server transfers opened.

    To our complete surprise The Bastion was not in fact allowed to transfer and instead became a destination server for other low population servers.  The Bastion went BOOM! but not to death, instead its population exploded to enormous levels.  We now have wait times and lag in the fleet.  We are not going to have to make a splash on a new server but instead defend our home turf from a onslaught of new and talented guilds. 

    We must now all do our part to make sure that Sith Happens is a known guild on the server.  I invite you to be active in pvp and be social on the fleet.  We need to be active on the server forum and please be active on our forum as well.  the more we talk and participate in these things the more Sith Happens grows.  Check forums daily and inform each other of things that go on.  Sith Happens has stiff competition for guild dominance on The Bastion. lets show them what we can do! 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

johnadonnell, Feb 27, 12 7:53 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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